Stability Programs

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Stability, Simplified

NAI offers a comprehensive stability program that ensures your products retain their quality over the entirety of the desired shelf life. NAI’s in-house stability program simplifies the logistics of stability testing by eliminating the need to transport samples to a third-party location, allowing our clients to ensure stability in a cost-effective and accurate manner.

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Quality Over the Long Term

Maintaining the quality of your product long after it leaves the manufacturing line is crucial to success – and can be difficult to achieve. Stability requirements for supplements are held to a high standard by government and regulatory agencies focusing on quality and ensuring the product meets potency and stability. Both ingredients and the rate of loss of activity under specified conditions will vary greatly from vitamin to vitamin, making stability more difficult to ensure. Supplement stability is affected by environmental factors, such as temperature, oxygen, moisture and ultraviolet light. Our stability program includes:

  • Sample storage within our on-site stability chambers at ambient, intermediate, and accelerated conditions
  • Stability protocol development
  • Sample testing for the duration of the study
  • Full reporting of stability data
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