From custom formulation, supplement production, and packaging, we help our clients bring healthy, nutritional supplements to millions of people.

Custom Formulation

custom supplement formulation

NAI offers science-based guidance when designing nutritional products, so our clients have what they need to differentiate their brand in the market while ensuring safety and efficacy.


custom supplement manufacturing capabilities

With full-service manufacturing facilities, NAI develops science-backed products to deliver high-volume orders. From raw material testing to manufacturing and more, we have the capacity to meet your demand.

QA Testing

supplement testing

NAI ensures your products meet rigorous control processes to test their safety before they go to market. Our processes are certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as well as other reputable certifiers.

Finished Goods Packaging

private label supplement manufacturer

With a packaging format designed for your needs, NAI can help clients create labels, meet FDA regulations and provide science-based label claims.

Stability Programs

contract manufacturer nutritional supplements

Our comprehensive in-house program ensures your product retains the highest quality throughout its shelf life. From sample storage to stability protocol development and much more, you’ll receive thorough data on your product before it goes to market.

CarnoSyn® Brands

carnosyn supplement production

Exclusively from NAI, the CarnoSyn® Brands portfolio of patented ingredients and finished products encompass key markets: CarnoSyn® for Sports Nutrition, SR CarnoSyn® for Health & Wellness, and Sustained RX®  for Direct-to-Consumer.

Supplement Warehousing


Effective warehousing is essential in the dietary supplement industry, playing a critical role in preserving product quality and potency. NAI meticulously addresses the unique challenges of supplement storage and packaging.

Weighing and Blending

weighing supplements

In the world of supplement manufacturing, NAI pays the utmost attention to every detail. Precision is essential for us, from raw materials sourcing to the end product’s packaging. A critical step in this process is weighing and blending.

Material Receiving

supplement materials recieving

In the fast-paced and detail-oriented world of contract manufacturing, the process of ingredient and packaging materials receiving is crucial to the success of the final product. At NAI, we prioritize accuracy and quality from the very first step.