Discover NAI’s Global Reach

NAI manufactures nutritional supplements for the international market with facilities in the US and Europe.

A Global Operation

With offices and facilities on two continents, NAI has a global presence – and global reach.

Manufacturing Products Sold in 40 Countries Across the Globe

With state of the art manufacturing facilities in the United States and Switzerland, NAI is well positioned to help our clients take advantage of a rapidly growing global market for nutritional supplements. Our Swiss manufacturing arm – NAI Europe – gives our clients distinct advantages in the global market, including:

  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Simplified customs and duties process
  • Favorable political climate
  • SwissMedic Pharmaceutical Licensure approved to package, import, sell whole and export pharmaceutical products
  • HFL and Fresenius Institute Certifications
  • “Made in Switzerland” label positions products as high quality and desirable

Dedication to Quality & Innovation

Trust NAI to safeguard your brand reputation with products that exceed expectations, where quality is not just a promise—it is our way of life. Every step we take is purposeful. From sourcing the finest ingredients to adhering to the highest standards of manufacturing, we ensure that products meet industry benchmarks thanks to our stringent quality control measures at each stage.

Innovation is not just a concept—it is ingrained in our DNA. Our research and development standards are a testament to our commitment to excellence and advancement in the field of supplementation. Since our founding in 1980, NAI has built a solid foundation of innovation and automation with a team of dedicated experts and our state-of-the-art facilities. From exploring new ingredients, to optimizing formulations, our R&D process is driven by a passion for excellence and dedication.

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