Finished Goods Packaging

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Finished Goods Packaging

The last and final step in our supplement manufacturing process is crucial in offering compliance support and maintaining the safety and quality of your finished product. At Natural Alternatives International, our team of experts will work with you to review packaging for accuracy, provide documentation and ensure your labeling adheres to the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). We package for success, ensuring that your products are labeled to your exact preferences for a positive reflection on your brand.

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Why Is Supplement Packaging Important?

While your supplement itself holds therapeutic value, packaging plays a multifaceted role—supporting branding, offering valuable consumer information, and ensuring powerful product protection.


The market for dietary supplements is expansive, with numerous brands vying for the attention of your consumers. In such a competitive space, unique packaging becomes critical. It is not just about aesthetics but also about resonating with a brand’s identity and differentiating it from the sea of alternatives.

Consumer Information

Beyond aesthetics, supplement packaging is responsible for clear and concise communication. It should include key ingredients, associated benefits, and other pertinent information—all while maintaining a strict adherence to regulatory compliance. Misinformation or ambiguity is not an option, as it can potentially confuse the consumer.

Product Protection and Ergonomics

Packaging should act as the protector of the supplement, ensuring it remains effective throughout its shelf life. The choice of packaging should align with the form of the supplement, be it capsules, tablets, or powders, safeguarding the product’s integrity and offering user convenience.

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What Are The Best Types of Packaging For Supplements?

The ideal packaging for your product aligns with the form of the supplement, its dosage, and the target audience’s preferences.


Primarily used for capsules and tablets, bottles remain a popular choice due to their convenience and standardization.


Favored for their adaptability and eco-friendly material options, bags can accommodate varying forms of supplements and offer ample space for detailed custom labels.

Single-use Pouches

Perfect for on-the-go consumers, these pouches ensure capsules retain their shelf life. They are also fitting for supplement regimens that include multiple pill types consumed together.

Stick Packs

Primarily designed for powders, these packs are not only portable but also pre-determined in dosage. They are a great fit for custom formulations and supplements meant to dissolve quickly.


The go-to for bulk quantities, such as protein powders, tubs ensure the user has a long-lasting supply that maintains the potency of the formula up to the last scoop.

NAI Provides Turnkey Supplement Packaging

At NAI, we strive to be pioneers in the end-to-end manufacturing and packaging of dietary supplements. We take pride in our efficiency, seamlessly transitioning products from production to packaging. As your turnkey manufacturing and packaging solution, we can improve the time-to-market and cost-effectiveness of your brand.

NAI’s Supplement Packaging Process

The conclusion of our thorough manufacturing process is our robust packaging phase. Post-encapsulation and tableting, products are sent to a designated packaging line. Rigorous checks are in place for lot identification, quality, and specification adherence, both before and during the packaging phase.

We prioritize product integrity and attach tamper-evident seals on every bottle. Upon packaging completion, products are labeled and prepared for dispatch.

Additionally, we collaborate with select packaging partners who match our stringent quality parameters and are ready to meet any unique packaging requests our clients might have.

Supplement Packaging Design Support

Our robust product development teams have expertise across several domains—from market research and supplement design to manufacturing and regulatory compliance. We partner with our clients for a final check for packaging accuracy. Lastly, we provide the necessary documentation to ensure the product labels adhere to all Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) guidelines.

Partner with Natural Alternatives International, Inc.

Ready to partner with the leader in supplement manufacturing? NAI has provided the best in supplement design, development, and manufacturing since 1980. We are recognized for our methodology, garnering certifications from several governing boards and regulatory agencies, including the FDA and TGA. Contact us today to take the next step in growing your brand with NAI.

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