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About Natural Alternatives International, Inc.

Business Development

Core Business Approach

NAI's business approach is aimed at achieving long-term growth through sales channel diversity. The Company's program to expand its business is spearheaded by a direct-to-consumer marketing program for its own products. NAI also has manufacturing contracts with companies in areas including: direct selling organizations, weight-loss centers, health and fitness facilities, e-commerce and various media channels. Through this synergistic approach, NAI believes it will maximize its business opportunities in both domestic and international markets.

Full Service Operations

NAI offers a wide range of "turnkey services" specifically designed and tailored for each customer's needs. NAI's services include clinical studies and customized nutritional product formulation, testing and evaluation. NAI also offers marketing management and support, packaging, delivery and system design, as well as international product manufacturing and foreign product registration assistance.

Client Partnerships

NAI has partnerships with unique and reputable companies with U.S. and International presence in the consumer products, medical care, pharmacy and food industries.

NAI also has a worldwide manufacturing agreement with NSA International, Inc. of Memphis, Tennessee. The NAI-NSA partnership enables NSA to provide quality nutritional products to its consumers in more than 30 countries worldwide. NAI and NSA are pioneers in the areas of Whole Food Based nutrition and original clinical research on products manufactured by NAI and marketed by NSA under the brand name JuicePlus+®. NAI is the main producer of the JuicePlus+® encapsulated and tableted products. NAI has consulted with NSA on five published and peer-reviewed independent human clinical research studies on JuicePlus+® products in the U.S. and Europe. Clinical research studies continue to be underway in the U.S., Europe and Australia. JuicePlus+® products are unique because they provide concentrated nutrients from juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables plus fibers, enzymes and other natural compounds. This is an example of how NAI successfully combines nature, biology and biochemistry with nutraceutical GMP manufacturing. For more information about JuicePlus+® please visit: www.juiceplus.com.

Additionally, as part of NAI's development of client partnerships, NAI is collaborating with physicians interested in co-developing branded products to specifically meet the needs of their patients. Currently, NAI has an agreement with Dr. Reginald B. Cherry, M.D. to design and formulate products under his name. The products are sold through a variety of distribution channels including direct mail solicitation, websites, books, study guides, and audiotapes. The first product from this collaboration, Basic Nutrient Support®, was launched in March 2000 under the Dr. Cherry label. For more information on Dr. Cherry's products please visit: www.thepathwaytohealing.com.

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